Stephanie Gillespie Schrock
Chief Strategy Officer & Founder

I’ve found a fantastic niche over the years in my career. Seemingly, I am often dropped into peculiarly tangled situations, the kind of business problems that need more than just your typical quick fix. It’s always something BIG. Something that often is fixed with taking people on some sort of journey.  My personal approach is quick and incisive; my goal is to offer honest, direct, and yet compassionate feedback that moves quickly to solutions and innovations.

What I am most proud of is who I am beyond my professional career – a very proud mother of two girls, a daughter, a sister and a wife, with a multi-cultural heritage.

However, if I were to tout one other key thing, it is that I am also very proud of having such a varied ensemble of uniquely talented professionals, many of whom I have worked with over the the bulk of my career. I am flattered that so many of these really great people continue to work with me over all these years.  Our talent is made up of truly great people with unparalleled skill, a healthy dose of diverse professional complexion, and who are each wholeheartedly dedicated to the success of our work.