Who we are looking for.

Our foundation is built on creating a professional collective of freelance consultants with key marketing and business expertise who need the flexibility of making their own complicated schedules work within their own personally managed bandwidth.  We seek out those professionals who demonstrate the discipline needed to deliver on promises we make our clients. We believe our business model is the future of how much of the world is ready to work, and this is a company that fully embraces it. It’s why people love to work for us, and in turn why our work keeps clients coming back for more.

At SKGS we start by doing our research, understanding our clients’ needs and offering strategic solutions. This means using our unique and strategic skill-set to offer designed experiences and plans that deliver the best solution for each individual client. We also know that some of the best and most innovative thinking which may come in a package that doesn’t always look like everything else that’s out there. It is why we’re open to hearing from you if you can prove that you think in new and exciting ways that bring real value. Our people tend to be:

Conscientious and solution-oriented

We want people who offer up distinct, well thought-out solutions to a client challenges that innately and immediately resonate.


We’re looking for those with the ability to not just hear a client’s desires, but to be able to translate them into something both executable and delightful.


Our people trust in their work and results, which means they’re proud of their work, deliver on time every time and have the ability to earn and keep our clients’ trust.


While enjoying the freedom to work independently, our people are partners with our clients, not just a service arm. We take the time to understand a client’s needs before we offer solutions, and work collaboratively to get the best ideas on the table.

If you have any of the following talents or expertise, we want to hear from you!

  • Marketing strategy
  • Project management
  • Design capability
  • Business development
  • Human design thinking
  • Research and analytics
  • Digital marketing
  • Change management
  • Out-of-the-box thinking

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